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Harris Building, 111 Division Ave. S. Grand Rapids, MI 49503  |  |  (616) 334-7028

© Entertaining Angels, and Story Cafe



STORYWORKS is a non-profit started by Billy & Marcia Angel in 2018. In 2019 they were given the 501c3 status.

Billy & Marcia ran Story Cafe coffee shop in Grand Rapids from November 2011 through July 2019. Here they developed a number of regular Performing Arts events, such as Open Mic (Open Floor), Poetry Night, One-off Concerts, all kinds of Special Events, and their unique Playback Improv.

As a way of financing all this work, Billy ran Musical Chairs, selling quality used furniture from the same building.  This addition made for an interesting menage-a-trois: a coffee shop, a Performing Arts Community Center, and a used furniture story. 

Over the years Story Cafe grew 2 wings: Story Circus and Story Church with several new regular events emerging. Billy began to develop a Media Arm; Marcia's lectures (Story Circus) were being video recorded and placed on the Internet. The vision began to grow, to put more of the events online, possibly through live-streaming. 

Early 2019 Billy & Marcia began to feel that it was time for a fresh beginning. Time to simplify the operation and set priorities. After much soul searching they decided to close the coffee shop and close the furniture store and fully focus on the Story Cafe, Story Circus, and Story Church events, as well as workshops and video-studio recordings. The new chapter of this work is called: STORY TRIO.

The way to finance this new work would be through non-profit support; hence STORYWORKS (a 501c3)!

STORYWORKS, Non-Profit, supports the Story Trio ministry; StoryWorks also supports the Scripture Express ministry (biblical media projects). (For more info on this, go to 

Billy is from the Netherlands. He is an actor, singer, story-teller, writer & filmmaker. Billy’s passion is telling Biblical stories through the performing arts & film.


Billy is on the Playback Improv team of Story Trio. This team performs once a month at the Story Trio Theater Lab (in the Harris building, downtown Grand Rapids). Billy presents the Story & Song event once a month also at the Story Trio Theater Lab (Story Lab). 

Marcia is from Detroit, MI. She is a therapist using action methods & theatre as healing arts. She is also an Occupational Therapist, specializing in sensory processing issues, and issues around adoption.

Marcia is the conductor of the monthly Playback Improv event at the Story Lab. 


Together Billy & Marcia host the Open Floor (Open Mic) event once a month at the Story Lab.