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Harris Building, 111 Division Ave. S. Grand Rapids, MI 49503  |  |  (616) 334-7028

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Playback Improv


The audience tells their stories, the Team plays them Back. That's in short how Playback Improv works.


The conductor will invite the audience to reflect on their day, for instance, and a few stories, or just even a couple of observations will emerge. And the Team, Actors & a Musician, goes to work...


The playing-back by the Team of those stories, will turn the telling into moments of theatre, including all the energy, contrast, and physical & verbal Expression that is part of theatre. The audience is surprised, delighted, perhaps even inspired, and at times moved.


In the course of the evening, stories will get stronger, and possibly more personal. Stories Told and Played Back will trigger further Stories, to be Told and Played-back. A theme might emerge and the evening will become an experience long to be remembered.


Playback Improv can change lives!